Nanka Miyagi Kenjin Kai
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         On a summer afternoon in 1902, while sitting on a park bench under the shade of trees in the city of Los Angeles, Heiya Takahashi and Jinbei Sugano and several others from Miyagi Ken were enjoying one another's company. They went on to reminisce about their days back home, and to talk about their lives and dreams in their new country. They decided that they definitely would see more of one another.

         That marked one of the most memorable moments in the history of the Nanka Miyagi Kenjin Kai. Just a week later, the casual talk in the park developed into the official formation of the Kenjin Kai and its first official General Meeting, attended by as many as sixteen fellow émigrés from Miyagi. Ever since, the Nanka Miyagi Kenjin Kai has proven to be a magnetic presence in Southern California for all the natives of Miyagi who crossed the ocean to begin a new life in America, bonding them together and providing them with opportunities for friendship, socialization and mutual support.

         During the tumultuous decades of the past century, the Miyagi Kenjin Kai, as is often the case in times of uncertainty, was confronted with a number of critical situations that threatened its existence, but it managed to ride them all out and continued to thrive in the "tough it out" spirit innate to the Miyagi Kenjin. Thanks to tireless efforts by those who have blazed the trail for us, the Nanka Miyagi Kenjin Kai is the third oldest of all the Kenjin Kai organizations in Southern California. In 2002, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our association, proudly and joyfully. As it nears its 110th anniversary, the Nanka Miyagi Kenjin Kai, with dedicated support from more than 100 active members, is poised to meet the challenges of the new era and add new dimensions to the organization - such as this website - so that it can better interact with our membership, our local community and our home prefecture of Miyagi.